A private dedicated server rack allows you to grow your business trouble free having your servers physically installed next to each other in your very own private space for maximum efficiency. Depending of the kind of dedicated server your want to host, your private dedicated server rack can hold from 12 to 48 servers. Use multiple private dedicated server racks to host hundreds of servers.


Benefits of the private dedicated server racks

Scale from tens to hundreds of servers

The web cluster uses load balancing to send your visitors’ requests to available servers. If a server fails, it is automatically removed from the available servers pool and your visitors are sent to servers capable of serving your web site's functionalities.

Server consolidation and fast deployment of servers

Your servers are spread out in different corners of the datacenter? It’s time to regroup them in your own reserved hosting space assigned to your exclusive usage. Your future servers can even be provisioned in advance and deployed whenever you want, with only a switch to turn on.

Optimized bandwidth allocations and costs

Traffic is calculated at the switch level, this means you can combine your server’s traffic allocations into a single limit for your entire private rack. For example, if you have 4 servers, each with a 2,000GB traffic allocation, then you have a total 8,000GB allocation for all servers in your rack.

Enhanced Networking and IP flexibility

Each private rack is provisioned with a dedicated GigE switch enabling the fastest interface to iWeb’s network. With easy IP moves from one server to another, 1Gbps uplinks and 1Gbps local network to interconnect your servers, a private rack is your networking heaven.

Remote hands available 24/7

Your private rack gives you peace of mind. Since you are still using dedicated servers, our team will assist you free of charge to diagnose, troubleshoot, and repair any server problem you could be experiencing within your private rack or private managed datacenter.

Your custom private hosting environment

With dedicated power circuits, dedicated switches and private datacenter space, private dedicated server racks allow you to operate your own private datacenter to build your custom hosting solutions with load balancing, firewalls, web clusters and your mix of servers.