Beating the Cost of Ownership

Macrolevel offers our customers industry-recognized IT outsourcing services designed to increase service quality and lower operational costs while providing continuous improvement.

A survey commissioned recently by software vendor GFI found that 55% of SMBs in the US use one or more hosted/managed services. The survey also found that easy internet access and scalability (56%), lower costs (46%) and faster deployment (43%) were considered to be the main benefits of using a hosted service while the main concerns were application performance, data security/privacy and systems failure/redundancy (62%) respectively. A total of 52% said they would prefer a vendor giving them both an online and on-premise solution.

Outsourcing has long been a business strategy that allows companies to add outside expertise to their operations. In today’s highly competitive marketplace, more businesses are considering outsourcing as a way to reduce costs, streamline internal operations, and boost performance.

The classic reasons for outsourcing any business function include:

  • Reduced costs, particularly applicable given the current uncertain economic climate
  • Improved efficiency, as departments examine their internal strengths to determine which operations should be outsourced
  • Better allocation of internal resources, allowing a company to focus on core business
  • Increased effectiveness, when outsourcing provides top-level professionals and industry-defined best practices to meet company quality expectations
  • Faster deployment, which correlates directly with increased market share

The trend toward outsourced services

Companies that have moved onto the Internet find that keeping pace with the rapidly changing technological advances in this arena drain internal resources. Many IT departments are now outsourcing much of this responsibility to service and solutions providers like Macrolevel that are usually better prepared to provision big chunk or even entire company's IT operations, including but not limited to development, design, support, maintenance & repair. Macrolevel via grid of partners can provide off-site data center space, manage corporate data centers from a remote location, customize system architecture, scale system capability to meet a company’s changing needs, and monitor the entire infrastructure to provide 24x7 reliability.

Outsourcing as a way to reduce direct costs

Recent studies indicate that companies can expect to save 32 percent the first year and 40 percent each subsequent year over a three-year period when outsourcing, for example, their Internet-based system and network management. Up front costs can be considerably less when outsourced, and expense streams become more predictable. The reduction in head count and staffing costs—recruitment, salaries, training, and retention—would provide additional cost savings. Companies also benefit financially from outsourcing infrastructure management to a company capable of handling the burden of technology research.

Any Web-based operation may require diverse services such as security, load balancing, web serving, and database hosting. When it comes to housing system hardware, leasing data center space (also known as co-locating) and managing multiple vendors it can be time-intensive. Choosing to outsource yields the extra benefit of leveraging the industry relationships of your provider to deliver a stable and secure environment. Companies executing complex infrastructure changes or advanced web strategies gain a lot of flexibility by outsourcing. They have the option of reconfiguring the servers, load balancers, and firewalls they currently have in place, buying hardware or leasing hardware from their outsourcing provider. It is most cost-effective to use configurations from the provider, which can better leverage system upgrades and guarantee immediate repair or replacement of any non-functioning component. In configuring hardware, further cost effectiveness is gained when outsourcing to providers that employ clustered server technology. Through the use of multiple small servers, these providers can deliver enterprise-level capabilities at a cost affordable to any size company.

Outsourcing allows companies to take advantage of the best of new technology. Macrolevel have established relationships with many idustry-leading companies to serve their our clients’ changing IT needs, and we continually research, evaluate, select, and implement technological advances for our clients. By outsourcing, our clients can bypass the inconvenience of vendor lock-in while exploiting new business initiatives. In addition, our customers save time on technological research and vendor relationship management, while getting strong support in defining their optimum technology requirements.

The Longer-Term Benefits of Outsourcing Infrastructure

Scalability, reliability, service, security, rapid deployment. All of these management requirements have a major impact on efficiencies within a company.

Companies with web enabled business applications require efficient handling and delivery of changing amounts of data. Flexible infrastructure configuration ensures scaling capacity that matches a company’s needs without unnecessary expense. Macrolevel does offer dynamic scaling, both up and down, without limit—and, with no over-allocation of capacity. Failures in website transactions usually can be traced to overloaded or under performing Internet operations. Unanticipated downtime can damage brand equity, erode customer confidence, and ultimately reduce company revenues. By outsourcing these services to Macrolevel you can achieve greater reliability through built-in redundancies for 24x7 uptime (SLAs with 99.999% available for some services).

Ongoing system monitoring is crucial to success, and companies planning to outsource should look for infrastructure providers that guarantee uptime through 24x7 network monitoring. By monitoring and recording the status and statistics of all the servers in a system, infrastructure providers can proactively plan for capacity more efficiently, respond to changing system demands, and handle any problems before they become emergencies.

Companies rarely have in place the in-depth security procedures needed to comprehensively protect their web applications. When customizing configurations for their clients, outsourced infrastructure providers build in the robust security solutions needed for business-critical online systems.

Companies who keep their infrastructure in-house often rely on one individual, often with insufficient level of knowledge in some areas, who becomes a single point of failure for their IT operations. With the right outsourcing provider, companies can count on world-class web expertise and continuity. An infrastructure management provider will get a company’s system up and running, then assign a full team of experts to provision and maintain the system as it grows.


Macrolevel's consultants and engineers integrates products and services to solve your IT-related problems

Information technology systems are constantly changing. Macrolevel's certified consultants align with your team to integrate your products, services, and infrastructure to solve your business challenges. As an advanced IT services and solutions company, we utilize best practices and standards to provide you with more efficient and cost-effective systems.

Our team of highly-educated and experienced consultants focuses on infrastructure integration in the areas of servers, storage, virtualization, asset management, Microsoft solutions, unified communications, complex networks, and data centers. Macrolevel’s consultants use standard project methodology and collaborate with you to assess, plan, design, implement, and transfer to operations.

Macrolevel's consultants can advise you on specific projects or collaborate with your company on a complete redesign of your IT environment. Our broad industry experience and technical knowledge allows us to successfully implement the right solution with best practices and knowledge for your company.

We pride ourselves on the ability to offer our clients continuous improvement with their IT operations and integrated technology solutions and services. Macrolevel’s consultants can help you achieve your business goals and stay competitive in your industry.

So say "YES" to managed services and outsourced support and "NO" to the cost and headaches of managing and support your own infrastructure. Contact Macrolevel today.