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Ultra-fast. Reliable. Secure.

By purchasing a Web hosting package from us, you can quickly, easily and affordably launch, run and maintain one or more websites for your small- or medium-sized business, or your own homepage with online photo-album, information about your family, friends and hobbies. Our 24/7 Network monitoring, 99.98% server uptime and up, and our always-on support team combine to produce rock-solid reliability.

We at Macrolevel recognizes that down time is not an option for your web site. That's why we invest heavily in hardware and our facilities are carefully chosen to ensure that clients are up and running on the web 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 a year.


Always aiming at the ultimate goal: total satisfaction of our clients, we at Macrolevel maintain servers in Hong Kong (i-Advantage Data Center), Equinix in Europe (Germany) and US-based (SAVVIS Data Center) thus ensuring versatility, choice and numerous opportunities for your business or personal web solutions.

Hosting solutions for everybody.

For these who does not need dedicated servers, Macrolevel offers two pre-set Linux-based hosting plans, which are suitable for most small and middle-size business, SOHO and home users. Of chouse, we are flexible enough to offer hosting solution that will definitely meet your specific requirements, even it is not listed here. Just contact us for more information.


1000 MB web space 50000 MB web space
20 GB monthly traffic 500 GB monthly traffic
15 free subdomains 30 free subdomains
10 MySQl databases 20 MySQL databases
5 parked domains 10 parked domains
15 FTP subaccounts 30 FTP subaccounts
Domain registration** Domain registration**

Every hosting package includes:

Unix-based hosting 24/7 support Pre-installed scripts
Online control panel SMTP; POP3; IMAP FrontPage extensions
Anti-virus protection Website statistics Perl; PHP; Python; TCL
MySQL database(s) Domain parking Unlimited email accounts
Directory protection FTP subaccounts Custom 404 page
Personal CGI-BIN WAP support SSL certificates
Host any domain $5 domain Server-side includes

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Many businesses today are choosing Linux-based systems for their online architectures. While security reasons have prompted some, many others see the lower initial cost and large availability of software as the primary reasons to consider Linux for their business. In addition to software written for Linux, such as Apache, MySQL, PostgreSQL, PHP and SSH, many enterprise-level commercial companies have added Linux versions and support to their suite of applications as well. Companies such as Novell®, Oracle®, IBM®, Veritas® and Sybase® already support Linux while many others are beginning to port their own offerings over to the open source platform, making Linux one of the fastest growing operating systems available. Secure, powerful and flexible, Linux offers businesses a robust environment for their online business at a fraction of the cost of other platforms.

Although we offer thoroughly Unix/Linux based hosting, we also can host your Web site on Windows-based servers in case you need this platform. This most popular OS for desktops is also one of the most popular for servers. A large number of businesses today are using Windows for its familiarity, power, support and large availability of widely used software including: MS Exchange, Access, SQL Server, ASP and .Net. In addition to Microsoft's own software suite, nearly all commercial software companies, including Oracle and IBM, also support the Windows platform. Large availability of software, powerful development tools and widely available support make Windows a natural choice for many companies. While security has been a concern for some businesses in choosing Windows, having a company like Macrolevel set up, monitor and manage your systems ensures that vulnerability is reduced to a minimum and you can focus on your business -- not your server.


You may decide to host your Web site, applications and databases on your own premises. We can help you to choose Broadband service and will build a server(s) for you. Check here [Custom built systems] for more information.

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** COM, NET & ORG $15/year, other TLDs available as well. Please check availability here.


Macrolevel's hosting is designed for the best quality business-class hosting for any small or mid-size business that can scale as you grow. We know websites are many companies’ lifelines. And we know what’s necessary to keep your lifeline up and running.

* Reliable high-speed backbone connectivity with 99.9% uptime or higher
* Fast, reliable top-of-the-line servers
* The latest security enhancements, installed as they come available
* Highest quality networking hardware available
* 24/7 live email support, 1 hour response (usually within 10 minutes) guarantee
* Daily backups for all hosting servers
* Server-side anti-virus protection and spam filtering


This is 100% business-class web hosting. True, Macrolevel is not the cheapest out there, but it doesn't aim to be. We aim to be the best. When it comes to a company website, the cornerstone of every modern business, do you want the cheapest hosting—or the best?

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