A dedicated server is a solution that can give your company full flexibility when hosting your company online by providing your business with a private server. Having an entire server for your company can be far more beneficial than shared hosting as it will enable you to have full control of the dedicated server. This includes choice of operating system, hardware, and any other features that can be optimized to suit your company.s needs. You will also be assured that no other clients can affect your servers performance as it can when on a shared server platform.

A dedicated server can also potentially be a decreased overhead cost for a larger return on investment if optimized correctly. With the customization available when using a dedicated server, Macrolevel can set up a system that is fully suited to your company; this includes an operating system of your choice (Linux or Windows). Using a dedicated server also allows you to choose the database and other specific applications that will be used in the server.

Another huge advantage of using a dedicated server for your company is the massive difference in bandwidth. A dedicated server allows your business to operate much faster and efficiently online while accommodating a larger client base. This is very important when developing a larger or more bandwidth dependant online environment. In short, a dedicated server can be used to provide your business with the best hosting and software packages available. A dedicated server allows for the most customization in hosting services in operating system and application software. Furthermore, a dedicated server is the most secure option available when hosting an online business.

We provide all of these features and more at Macrolevel, as well as extensive installation and customer support services. Contact us now to see how a dedicated server hosting plan will make your company succeed in the online environment.

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  • Windows
  • Unix

An important part of creating a successful online environment for your company is choosing the hosting services that are right for you. At Macrolevel we make sure that our server hosting will be optimized to increase the performance and efficiency of your company. Our managed hosting services will keep your company secure and updated in a continuously changing online world.

Server hosting is a vital aspect of any online business, as it dictates exactly how fast and reliable your company will be. We have a variety of server choices to fit your company's needs, from managed hosting plans to dedicated servers. A managed hosting plan can enable your business to reduce in house IT support cost, while keeping high performance for an online enterprise, and a dedicated server allows for complete control and optimum performance.

Our server hosting plans also allows you to choose from our full range of security, storage, database, virtualization, monitoring, backup, and other professional services. We also offer dedicated Microsoft Terminal Servers and Microsoft Exchange to offer your company the fullest range of managed hosting services.

We provide a perfect blend between complete flexibility of hosting and the security and convenience of managed hosting. Macrolevel can set up a hosting system that gives you exactly the amount of control you want. At Macrolevel we don't just supply your company with a great server hosting packages, we also provide around the clock, professional IT support services. Our customer service representatives are trained to answer any question you may have, and to give you the support you deserve at all times.

Worried about updating your hardware and network? Our services also include expert technical support that can help manage all of your needs from software and patching to security and backup. These services will be configured to your business by representatives that know exactly what you want to succeed in the online environment.


Remote Reboot
Shutdown or reboot your server easily and instantly using remote reboot.
Level 1 Management
Server monitoring tools and 24/7 support are offered with all.
Bandwidth Usage Graphs
Complete graphs to monitor your usage with notifications to avoid extra fees.
Hardware Replacement
Defective hardware is replaced within 4 hours, guaranteed.
24/7 Phone Assistance
We answer the phone and handle emergencies 24/7.
100% Network & Power Uptime
All dedicated servers are backed by our 100% Network & Power availability SLA.

Dedicated Servers put you in complete control of your valuable online web presence. For reliability, stability, flexibility and quality of the highest degree, look no further than Macrolevel's dedicated servers. Contact us today.