Unique and unified computer systems

Do you need custom designed computer system for specific needs? Perhaps you need ultra-quiet and very small but powerful Windows- or Linux-based server for your office to run your file server in addition to Exchange server? Or perhaps you need a powerful multi-core but energy-efficient server to run multiple virtual servers on it? Or maybe along with powerful graphics workstation used for 3D and animation you need a cheap, but reliable and upgradeable systems for your company's office, equipped with special features? You can not find the server or PC like mentioned on any brand vendor, because they sell "manufacture", or their systems are not highly customizable as our systems are. We can match components, sub-systems and peripherals and build a unique system for you.

We design and custom build high performance computing solutions for CAD, CAM & CAE, video editing, digital content creation, visual effects, animation, broadcast, game development and post production. Our unique integration of the world's latest technologies allows us to produce the ultimate in high performance workstations that enhance both the creativity and productivity of today's leading industry professionals.

Vendor independent

Since we don't have ties to any specific hardware and software vendor, you'll get objective purchasing recommendations from our experts. At the same time, we are proud to be associated with some of the worlds leading hardware and software companies to help keep your workstation investment running at its best, know matter what software application(s) you use. Just check the list of our partners! Macrolevel is a Dell, NEC, Netgear, Microsot and Cisco reseller/partner along with tens other vendors, providers and suppliers.

Although we do sell hardware, software and services as part of our portfolio, you may prefer to choose by yourself and build your own computer system. We at Macrolevel provide excellent purchasing assistance as a stand alone service or as part of our service plans. Macrolevel will make arrangements with the hardware manufacturer to perform any hardware repairs covered under warranty so you can avoid contacting the manufacturer and spending time dealing with the warranty issues yourself*.

The Macrolevel's difference

Macrolevel doesn't sacrifice the quality of your system for the quantity of systems we can sell. Our best customers are our return customers, and chances are your first Macrolevel PC won't be your last. The high level of quality we maintain comes from Macrolevel's role as an industry leader, where we continuously evaluate our manufacturing methods and production standards, including 48-72 hours of burn-in diagnostics and HQ control inspection. And Macrolevel stands by our products. According to our customers, Macrolevel custom built computer systems has one of most highest customer satisfaction rating in the USA!

The best from any OS world

Unlike other solutions providers, we are not restricted to use particular brands for our own production. We are free to build our tower and rack servers, workstations and PCs using the best suitable components and run it under the best operating system serving your requirements. And this freedom give us the ability to create state-of-the-art unique systems for you.

At Macrolevel all of our systems are built from scratch, using standard sized components, but innovative and non-standard ideas when it is possible. This means that you can always use standard components from ANY vendor to upgrade your system! You'll never get stuck having to buy an overpriced part to replace or upgrade a component in one of our systems. And you don't have to worry about compatibility issues, unlike on most Web-based custom built PC configurators, because it's our problem. And our passion.

Up to 3 years limited warranty

All of our systems are warranted to be free from defects in materials for at least one year following the date of purchase. This coverage may be extended up to three years on any system.

Confused about buying a new server, storage, network equipment or service? Macrolevel makes it easy as 1-2-3! Don't hesitate and trust to a company that's been doing it for over 15 years! Contact Macrolevel today.