Today's businesses and in most cases everybody are totally dependent on data stored on computer systems and other data storage media. Our inability to access this data, whatever the cause, can disrupt our lives to a great degree, causing us minor discomfort in some instances or perhaps unfortunately leading to catastrophic consequences. This is why we take great care and effort at minimizing risks of data loss through regular backups on tapes and optical media like CD and DVD, creating RAID storage systems or the like. But in spite of this, there is a possibility that some of us will confront a data loss situation. This is where specialists from Macrolevel come in, because in most causes it is impossible to recover damaged data safety by yourself.

Simple or complex, Macrolevel has success rates in excess of 90% in recovering data with some of the most talented and proficient engineers. Our consultants make every effort to provide high-quality support and expertise to help you and keep your work performing at its peak.

The lost data could be corrupted due to damage to the physical media from water, fire, magnetic fields and errors in writing data to the disk usually malfunctioning of hard drive and so on. If for any reason we unable to recover the data in our laboratory, or it is necessary to use special equipment, we may contact most advanced laboratories in United States to ensure your data recovery.

Recovering a data prom damaged media or server data often entails replacing damaged components in a laboratory environment. The process is done using specialized hardware and software tools that can be manipulated to create a copy of the disk image. With a new image to work with, recovery services run diagnostic checks and then repair data by stepping behind the code and correcting errors from the lower level.

Data recovery

The data recovery process begins when data recovery experts first look at your computer. Usually the entire hard drive is turned over to a hard disk recovery company so that it can be evaluated by one of their experienced technicians. After running a diagnostic check they should be able to ascertain the main cause of the data loss and provide you with a price quote and a time estimate for completing recovery.

Hard Disk Data Recovery

Hard disk data recovery is most common type of data recovery. To actually recover your data, Macrolevel's engineers will clone your hard drive and place the cloned data on a secure server so that it can be operated upon safely. We understand clearly the sensitive nature of both corporate and private data and make certain that sensitive information is never in danger of being exploited. Our lab use secure servers and other safeguards to insure that confidential data is never jeopardized. If you are concerned about the security of your data, we will happily sign confidentiality agreements and non-disclosure agreements.

Once data has been recovered, it is placed back on the original hard disk and returned to you. If a hard drive is damaged beyond repair, data can be placed on a portable storage device or a writable CD/DVD media. To insure that there are no issues with recovered media when it is first returned, usually we store a copy of the recovered data for a brief period (about a week or so) as a precautionary measure.

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Physical sounds require physical data recovery.
In other words, a clicking hard drive requires a Cleanroom and a lab that has the capabilities of changing parts in the Cleanroom. Remember, parts must come from another working drive and parts cost money. We have seen many drives that have been handled poorly and the data was not recoverable. By attempting to save money, you may infact be losing the ability to get your data!

Deleted Data Recovery

Macrolevel's data recovery service provide invaluable services to home and office computer owners that accidentally delete their data. It is not uncommon for data to be erased off of hard drives by mistake. Files that seem unimportant suddenly reveal themselves as invaluable once they are no longer available. Deleted data recovery experts excel at scanning computer hard drives for deleted media. Sometimes this process takes 5-6 hours or more depending of drive capacity and number of files on it. Once media is scanned and identified it can be restored.

Formatted Disk Data Recovery

Most of the people thing that once the hard drive is partitioned and formatted, it's impossible to recover the data. That's not absolutely true. In most cases, we can recover a big part of data, previously located on the hard drive, even if it is partitioned and formatted several times. And don't forget to ask us how to delete the data securely in case you want to know!

Removable Media Data Recovery

The removable media like Compact Flash, SD cards, USB flash drives, Memory Stick, etc. often are subject to data loss for some reasons.

Removable media usually is used in digital cameras, camcorders, phones, hand-held devices or as external devices such as USB (thumbs) drives. The may contains unique, often sensitive data, which is extremly important to transfer to other media.

Our specialist will analize the media and will perform all necessary tasks to recover all the data possible using modern techniques and software - even when it seems as though your data has been permanently lost.

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Microsoft Office Data Recovery

Microsoft Office suite is the most popular application, which data files also not protected for errors and data loss. Nearly every business and home user uses MS Office to create, edit and manage documents, spreadsheets, presentations and databases. If office data is lost, companies and individuals often find themselves in a desperate struggle to recreate lost work, make up lost time, and re-imagine lost ideas.

Our specialists can often save businesses and home users the headache of having to re-enter data and recreate presentations. By analyzing corrupted, lost ar deleted data, our specialists can look deep within computer code to discover the root of a problem. Once a problem is identified, it can then be fixed.

Because of the process consumes very long time, to analyze and recover your data we will need the hard drive where the data is located. If this way for some reasons is not proper for you, our consultant will visit you onsite to create a disk image of working drive. Once the technicians analyze the problem, we will determine what, if any, data can be salvaged. Then we can give you a quote for recovering data and estimate the amount of time recovery will take.

MAC Data Recovery

MAC is one of most popular platforms available today, usually used by professionals among creative industries like entertainment , graphisc design and advertising, even it's market share is not so huge as PC. Based on UNIX, MAC OS (incl. MAC OS Server) have it's own peculiaritys, at least the data structure and location is different, and, of course, sometimes it crashes.

Data recovery processes for MAC are similar to processes for PC's, but due the specific filesystem our specialists uses different software when necessary. When the data on corrupted drive is analyzed, we will contact you with information about possibilities and estimates for your MAC data recovery. We support HFS and HFS+ File system and Apple Mac OS X operating system as well as Apple Mac OS 9.x and higher. If you using FAT32 file system for storage partition shared between Dual-boot machine OS's, we can recover data from it as well, even if MAC OS's Disk Directory is corrupted.

Unix / Linux Data Recovery

Unix is a powerful, multi-user environment that has been implemented on a variety of platforms. Linux is a free stable and reliable Unix-type operating system. Developed under the GNU General Public License , the source code for Linux is freely available to everyone for use, modification and redistribute. Recently used as operating system for servers, today many of Linux distributions may be used to run powerful workstations for office and home PCs and MACs.

It is does not matter what Linix distribution you run - RedHat, SuSE, SCO, Debian or Slackware - all of them usually using Ext2 or Ext3 file system to store data. We at Macrolevel support all Linux distros, installed on ATA, SATA and SCSI Hard drives. The data recovery process for Unix systems is basically the same as for MAC OS or Linux. When we finish with analisys, we will contact you with estimates and all available information about the issue.

Notebook/Laptop/Tablet PC/PDA Data Recovery

Basically the recovery process from mobile computers is the same as it is for regular PC's. The difference is that usually the suctomer can not send the mobile device hard drive because it is not too easy to deinstall it. Even the recovery process takes only a day or two, but each situation is unique and damaged notebooks can sometimes take longer to analyze. Please note, that it will be probably impossible to recover data from encrypted hard drives, when the hardware encryption is used (like IBM's technology, for instance). The best way will be to contact us and give us as many information as possibloe about the problem and hardware. Our consultant will guide you for next steps.

Many business employees rely on laptops to perform nearly every aspect of their jobs. Losing data off of a laptop can mean hundreds of hours of lost productivity and can spell certain doom for certain projects.

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You may only have one opportunity to successfully recover data from a failed hard drive or other media described above. Trust the professionals at Macrolevel first. We advise against attempting to recover data yourself from a failed drive. You may complicate the problem and possibly create an unrecoverable situation even at the professional level. Under most circumstances we are able to successfully recover data using techniques shared by industry professionals and the unique procedures that we have developed over the years. It doesn't matter if your storage device is working or not. You may need to retrieve critical data such as payroll files, tax information or cherished pictures of your grandchildren. We treat every job as if it were our own- meticulously taking every step necessary and following every procedure to the nth degree. Contact us today.

And remember: if, at any time during the diagnostic assessment, or the recovery phase, we determine that your data is not recoverable, we will inform you and there will be no further charge.

Macrolevel works with reputable data recovery labs, making sure your company is in line with regulations on data recovery. The data recovery partners contracted by Macrolevel possess the required local, state and federal licenses and adhere to the strict guidelines.