Information security (Security auditing)

Today's fast-paced, hyper-competitive marketplace requires organizations to open their networks to customers, suppliers, and business partners. This same openness, however, brings security risks that must be properly managed.

Information is one of a most important assets. Protection of information assets is necessary to establish and maintain trust between your company and customers, maintain compliance with the law, and protect the reputation of the institution.

Generally speaking, information security is the process by which an organization protects and secures its systems, media, and facilities that process and maintain information vital to its operations. The security of the industry’s systems and information is essential to its safety and soundness and to the privacy of customer information.

How safe is your organization from an information security breach? Failure to properly protect confidential information about your organization as well as that of your customers and employees can be debilitating, sometimes resulting in lawsuits and even bankruptcy. Macrolevel provides comprehensive Information Security services to protect you from an information security breach.

The frequency and sophistication of network attacks is growing with the use of automated hacking tools that can inflict catastrophic damage in just a few hours. Left undetected or improperly corrected, vulnerabilities provide an open door for 99 percent of all network attacks. Despite best efforts by IT, assets continue to be accessed, crippled, or even rendered inoperable by unauthorized individuals, worms, or other threats. The consequences of anything less than a rigorous dedication to security are great. Outages caused by hackers and viruses cost businesses millions in actual revenue each year, and even more in lost reputation, negative brand impact, and diminished consumer confidence.

Macrolevel understands that keeping up with security is a full-time job for any organization. Software patches are released almost daily as new vulnerabilities are discovered, cyber crimes are detected, and virus definitions are updated. Computer hackers are continually probing networks and servers for any vulnerability to exploit. Monitoring for patterns in network traffic to detect suspicious activity requires around-the-clock dedication, expertise, and sophistication. For companies that don't have security as a core competency, building the infrastructure, hiring and training personnel, and maintaining security practices can be a heavy investment, fraught with risk.

Physical security encompasses far more than keeping unauthorized people out of our data centers. Logical security includes network intrusion detection, host-based intrusion detection, O/S hardening, patch management, firewalls, and secure VPN. Macrolevel works with customers to sort through security options to find the solution that's right for each one.

Whether we manage a single device or the entire security infrastructure, Macrolevel customers realize important benefits:

  • Real-time, 24x7 security management, monitoring, and support
  • Risk assessment
  • World-class security built on industry-leading standards, technologies and practices
  • Reduced operational and personnel costs
  • Improved data integrity with the highest levels of authentication, access control, and confidentiality
  • Lowered total cost of ownership (TCO) for security infrastructure
  • Cost-effective access to advanced intrusion detection and protection technologies
  • Log data management

Security Audits

Security has become a major concern for any size business. You need reliable protection and a proactive approach to safeguard private and critical information. Macrolevel uses state-of-the-art Security Auditing software and Security Analyzer tools to perform a variety of automatic and on demand system scans to identify potential problems before they become a catastrophe. With our extensive experience using these tools, you can analyze audit reports and react appropriately.

  • Access rights evaluation
  • Check service pack levels
  • Authentication procedures
  • Evaluate Control Effectiveness
  • Check for missing security patches
  • Check for security alerts/vulnerabilities
  • Detect unnecessary shares
  • Detect unnecessary open ports
  • Detect unnecessary services & protocols
  • Assess threats and vulnerabilities
  • Detect new security holes using scan comparisons
  • Check for inactive/unused user accounts
  • Check password policy in place and password complexity
  • Make an inventory of your network
  • Detect potential malware on servers and workstations
  • Find out if the OS is disclosing too much information

Risk assessment

Macrolevel maintain an ongoing information security risk assessment program for our customers that effectively:

  • Gathering data regarding the information and technology assets of the organization, threats to those assets, vulnerabilities, existing security controls and processes, and the current security standards and requirements;
  • Analyzing the probability and impact associated with the known threats and vulnerabilities to their assets; and
  • Prioritizing the risks present due to threats and vulnerabilities to determine the appropriate level of training, controls, and assurance necessary for effective mitigation.

Understand and control who can access what systems, what they can do and what they have done.

Our Information security services can help you can better comply with regulations, privacy mandates and internal security policies and enhance your ability to respond to change. We can meet your Identity and Access Management, Security Information Management and Data Loss Prevention needs.

The best way to avoid security breaches is to avoid them in the first place. Contact us today.