There are many and many companies, the only way to do the business and get any customers is to offer very low (unreal) prices for products and services. As a result, customers probably will Services at Macrolevelget the service with not so good quality or nothing. We at Macrolevel do the business in a different way.

Macrolevel provides your company with a single source for all of your information technology needs. On our web site you can find all the details about services and comprehensive solutions we offer, request a service and additional information, download documents or simply learn the latest about the technology.

New York- based consulting company
If you are business, should you hire a full time computer consultant and put him or her on your payroll, benefits, vacation pay? If you are home/home office user, are you ready to learn all necessary things about technologies, which keeps your computer system up and running, secured, protected and connected? Will you trust a casual person, who offer his/her service using free internet postings and maybe you will never have a chance to meet him/her again? Or should you hire a well established and highly rated consulting company with enough smart educated engineers to provide all the services required for your business operations at half the price or less? These are some tough questions for a customer and at Macrolevel we are here to help.

As a professional IT consultants we offer a wide range of services. Just take a look at some of them:

  IT consulting   Network   Internet services   Support
Operating Systems Deployment Broadband Internet On-site support
Network planning Virtual Private Network (VPN) Web hosting Service plans
Security and privacy Cabling Domain registration Computer upgrades
Data recovery Routers, Firewalls, Switches Web design Data recovery
Virus and spyware solutions Backup and disaster recovery Web development Backup solutions
IT purchases Print servers and file servers Graphics design Anti-spam solutions
Media formats conversion Network maintenance Site promotion (SEO) Software updates / patches
Backup solutions Wireless Networks VoIP Anti-malware
Computer upgrades Load balancing DNS management Server hardware upgrades
Infrastructure Virus and Spam Filtering Dynamic DNS (DDNS) Network connectivity
Broadband access Patching and security        
Data backup and archiving Active directory and users        
Data migration Virtualization        
Virtual infrastructure Content filtering        

Information systems should meet specific business needs and provide an explicit benefit to your business. Therefore, understanding your business needs is the most important part of Macrolevel's job. We work closely with our clients to analyze needs, provide a detailed approach to resolving issues, specify design, develop the new application, test, and train end-users.



We charge reasonable hourly rate of $150 (not including parts) when our consultants are onsite or assisting you remotely helping you with tasks like virus removal, workstation hardware troubleshooting, software install or data backup. Discounts available for larger projects or for customers with service contracts. Emergency / holiday rate $225/hour.

Note: There is a 1 hour minimum on any and all work done.

Flat rate also available for some services or projects. Our flat rate means it's ONE PRICE for complete setup or repair (parts not included). No hourly charges, even if we should re-install the operating system in case it is damaged and whole operation will last hours.

Note: Hourly rate for server-based networks, network equipment setup (advanced firewalls, routers, IDS), virtual servers etc. is variable, starts at $175/hour and may go all the way up to $350. Emergency / holiday rate for this kind of networks starts at $300/hour. Call us for estimate. We'll analyse your problem and honestly apply lowest possible rate for service required.

Services at Macrolevel

Are you worried about the performance of your computer system? Concerned about harmful risks to your computer's operation? Macrolevel can provide physical inspections of your personal computer and servers, then resolve the problem you might have and finally recommend a maintenance plan to help you enjoy your flawless work on your computers and network.

Macrolevel wants to make sure you get the most from your technology investment. We want to take the mystery out of computer terms like GPU, DNS, VPN, gigahertz and megabyte. Macrolevel's on-call consultants can be your technical advisors for services from hardware failure to understanding how your operating system and software can work for you.

Want to get the most from your new digital camera and all its capabilities? Contact us. Want to find out what is the best broadband connection for your needs or how to browse the Internet wirelessly from the comfort of your easy chair? Contact us and scedule an appointment for installation. Want to do video conferencing with friends or partners? Contact us. Want to sell something online or share own photos or videos? Well, everything is possible. Contact Macrolevel online for an appointment.

We want to provide you with our 20+ years of service experience and our commitment to making technology work more reliably.

Still not sure? Contact us and schedule an apointment!


Additional information and requirements:

  • Computer must be easily accessible at time of appointment.
  • Additional installation charges for boosters, antennas and other peripheral items may apply.
  • Changes in appointments should be made at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Macrolevel reserves the right to rearrange or cancel appointments but will make every effort to accommodate customer's first choice of date and time.
  • Required or optional Parts or Upgrades are additional on all services and repair offers.
  • Customer must provide any software required unless it is purchased from us. We do not lend software. Read your End User License Agreement for more details.
  • Standard Macrolevel services delivery is usually within 30 miles of our Queens-based facility. Contact us for more details.

We do not offer the best (lowest) price ever. Remember, Knowledge has its price™, and you'll get what you are paid for. We guarantee the best possible service and solutions, all from one place, which finally will cost you less.

Information technology systems are constantly changing. Macrolevel's certified consultants align with your team to integrate your products, services, and infrastructure to solve your business challenges. As an advanced IT services and solutions company, we utilize best posiible practices and latest standards to provide you with reliable, powerful, energy-efficient and cost-effective systems.

* In most cases we cover not only New York City / LI areas. Contact us for more information.
** Macrolevel reserve rights to decline pickup service depending of geographic location. Contact us for information.