Macrolevel Inc. is a privately held company based in New York, USA, founded in 2005.


Macrolevel provides highly customized integration, networking, Internet and cloud-based services and solutions as well as web site and application development and expert technical support for a wide range of businesses nationwide. Our engineers and consultants are highly educated, trained and skilled professionals with many years of experience in IT field.

As an advanced services and solution provider and systems integrator, Macrolevel is able to provide its clients with a single, tightly integrated system, complete solution and /or service developed and assembled by the same team of skilled engineers from end-to-end. This "single source" approach saves Macrolevel's clients time and money they would otherwise spend searching for multiple vendors to provide individual solutions or services required for continuous operations.

Macrolevel has the ability, knowledge and resources to meet all your Information Technology needs, both quickly and cost-effectively. We are a growing company with experienced leadership and skilled technical ability. Experienced engineers will work with you to find ways to optimize your investment in technology, both the hardware and software, and service you use to run your business. That's how we maintain an extremely loyal client base with highest possible level of satisfaction and have striven to go that extra mile for clients creating honest and loyal relationships.

Company story (1992 - present)
Excited for the future and hopes that you continue to follow our story.


The Macrolevel Inc. story is not unlike many tech start-up stories. The difference is that our story started many years before the dot-com boom on different continent, survived through the dot-com bust, thrived after the dust settled, went through 2008-2009 recession that took so many companies out and continues ahead today.

Macrolevel, Inc. was in fact started in 1992 by founder Sergey Milanov as Generals Co. in a South-Eastern European country Bulgaria as a small IT service company serving mostly home and home office clients.

Generals quickly grew and built a loyal client base in the Bulgaria's capital Sofia. In 2001, founder Sergey Milanov, well known in Bulgarian IT branch, author of hundreds publications, took a decision to start new project, named Computer Experts Group. This new organization, unified Bulgarian IT professionals, fast became very popular, and at the time it was sold to new owner in 2006 was one of largest Bulgarian Web sites with information about computers and technologies. By 2002 Computer Experts Group had grown to 6 employees with annual sales doubling every year and thousands registered members.

During the summer of 2003, S. Milanov has moved to the U.S.A., and started as independent IT consultant in 2004, serving initially mostly home users and small companies.

Headquartered in Forest Hills, NY, Macrolevel Inc. was founded in 2005 with the vision of providing top quality IT services, solutions and support, with a highly personal touch. By combining broad range technical expertise with an inclusive understanding of your unique operations and agenda, we not only customize, but also optimize, IT solutions, well beyond your expectations.


We have been in business since 1992. Macrolevel has built a system of procedures and policies that allow us to provide and deliver consistent, responsive, and high quality IT services and solutions for our clients. Macrolevel engineers offers turn-key services to small business clients from broadband Internet access to servers to Web and e-mail hosting, computer repairs and maintenance, OS setup, wired and wireless network design and implementation, storage solutions, custom built computer systems, virtualization, cloud computing and much more. This greatly simplifies a small businesses' IT needs as all of these products and services are provided via one vendor.

We understand the fact that most small and midsize companies can't justify or afford the expense of supporting and managing an in-house IT staff, or they simply does not have all the specific knowledge and experience required. That's why we provide reliable IT outsourcing that allows you to grow your business with secure, high-performance information systems, without the high cost associated with full-time staff. IT outsourcing with Macrolevel gives your business the best of both worlds with:

  • A massive depth of knowledge virtually in any computer-related area
  • Certified trained engineers and technicians
  • Multiple support avenues including phone, email, remote access, and on-site visits
  • 24/7 support and proactive monitoring to catch problems before they start*
  • Complete accountability
  • Access to a wide range of IT professionals for top-tier troubleshooting

Our technical team of educated IT professionals receives the ongoing training and certifications needed to stay up-to-date on the latest technology. Our engineers and consultants hold A+, Network+, Security+, Linux+ certification, MCP, MCSE, VMware VCP and many carry additional certifications such as CAN, CNC, CCNA, CCIC and various other manufacturer-specific certifications.

We have a sense of humor, but when we’re talking about the quality of our work, there’s no joke.

Information, products and services, offered by Macrolevel , is a fully backed by an well-established US company and a dedicated full-time team. While some offerings from individuals may look attractive, they don't provide the peace-of-mind and commercial focus that are essential cornerstones of services where business is concerned. You need reliable, timely support from people that know how important speed, quality of information and trust are to your business, and Macrolevel delivers.

Reliability, responsiveness, courtesy, honesty, and far-sightedness are all primary qualities of the way that Macrolevel provides service. This has enabled Macrolevel to build a loyal client base with the sole source of growth being referrals and not hard-sell advertising.


As of today Macrolevel Inc. has served hundreds and hundreds home and small business users and has several corporate/enterprise customers with active service contracts.

* 24/7 support not available for all services. See detailed services description or contact us for more information.


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